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Rabbi Michael S Bar-Ron

Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron is an ordained rabbi and publishing Torah scholar. He is currently based in Israel at his Torah center, Ohel Moshe, in Ramat Beit Shemesh, where he continues to study, teach and write.

Michael E Dallen

Michael Dallen, an attorney and writer, is a co-founder of The First Covenant Foundation and serves on its Board of Trustees. He lives in Detroit.

Professor Paul Eidelberg

Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. University of Chicago) is an internationally renowned political scientist.  He is the author of ten books on American and Jewish statesmanship, the Israel-Arab conflict, and Jewish philosophy.  He is the co-founder and president of the Israel-America Renaissance Institute. Professor Eidelberg now lives in Jerusalem.

Vendyl Jones

An inscription on a mysterious Copper Scroll, found in the Qumran caves in Israel,led Professor Vendyl Jones on a life-long quest to locate sacred treasures from the Temple of Solomon. Vendyl’s biography is colorful and amazing and too long to expound on here. He held dual citizenship in both Israel and America. Before his mission was accomplished, Jones died from throat cancer on December 27, 2010. His funeral took place in Grandview, Texas, but he was buried in Migdal, Israel.

Yaakov Kleiman

Rabbi Yaakov HaKohen Kleiman is a lecturer at Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem, specializing in Temple studies. He is co-director with Rabbi Nachman Kahana, of the Center For Kohanim.

James D Long

James Long combines his love of archaeology and Biblical study with writing and film-making. Long and his wife, Carol, were married on a 1995 dig in Israel, at the Cave of the Column on the shores of the Dead Sea. They later founded Lightcatcher: (Lightcatcher Books and Lightcatcher Productions.)

Isaac Mozeson

Isaac Mozeson has written seven previous books, including a dictionary of slang,poetry, and a Jewish history text. Mozeson had been teaching English and Judaica at NYC area colleges. In1997, with a life-threatening heat stroke in the Galilee Mozeson’s discoveries were nearly buried with him. Because of his disability, including 8 years with a voice that could hardly be understood,he gives his time to work on Edenics. He now lives in Jerusalem, Israel. His teaching experience before his stroke included Bramson ORT, Lehman College, New York University, Stern and Yeshiva College. He has 2 websites with different items: and

Eugene Narrett    1948 - 2013

Eugene Narrett earned his BA, MA and PhD at Columbia University. He was the author of five books on cultural history, geopolitics and the relation of Israel and Judaism to Western civilization.  Eugene Narrett – professor, writer, painter, commentator and strong advocate for Israel and the Jewish People – died tragically December 6, 2013 after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in Brattleboro, Vermont. Eugene was a pedestrian, having just visited an art gallery a short distance away.  It was three weeks short of his 65th birthday.

Wayne Simpson

Wayne Simpson was the director of the Biblical Research Foundation. As an independent student of the Bible, he became heavily involved with research concerning obscure ancient histories which link Biblical personalities with the early nations that long ago disappeared from the radar screen of modern historians.